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About Us

Optimized and budget-friendly solutions

24X7 expert support

Smooth and hassle-free deployment

IT services and solutions to help accelerate your business growth

Our Mission

To spearhead the IT services industry as a pioneer through service excellence and innovative business solutions and to always exceed client expectations with the quality of solutions provided.


To become the leader in the IT services and solutions industry and to create unmatched value for all our clients with our exceptional work ethics, technological expertise, and innovative solutions.

Value-added IT services

Our wide range of services includes the creation, sourcing, or management of:
Maintenance contracts
Service agreements
IT spare parts
End-user support
Our experts in the team also handle infrastructure solutions for clients and offer a wide range of products under the following categories.

Why choose Codenyx

Codenyx promises high-end digital transformational results that benefit IT businesses and their clients. Our IT-managed services and solutions are tailor-made for your needs, so you can focus on building your brand while we stay backend to support your moves every single step of the way.

Budget-friendly services

Our services are always budget-friendly and they don't startle clients with unforseen expenses. We always work within promised budgets.

Time-bound operations

Time is precious and we cannot agree more. CODEnyx will not put you in a corner with delays or slow-downs.

Scalable solutions

Looking forward for a period of accelerated growth? Do not worry. Our solutions and services are scalable. We have the capacity to stretch based on client-needs.

24X7 expert support

Our team splits and works in different time zones so you will always have someone to reach back to, any time of the day! We are quick to respond and value your time.

Transparent and reliable partnering

Surprises only have to be good! This is our policy. Our terms and conditions are transparent and comunicated well-in advance. Our work ethics have helped build long-term trust with all our existing clients.